Group Class Hours: Mon-Fri: 6AM-7AM,9AM-11AM, 4:30PM-7:30PM.
Sat/Sun - 8AM-11AM
Members have 24 hour access
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Now you will be able to reserve your bike online!! No rushing to the gym to find that you can't get a bike!*
Life Fitness, the company that developed the original Lifecycle® exercise bike is one of the newest bikes on the market. It’s biomechanically designed and user-tested to ensure a comfortable yet effective workout. Plus quality construction provides long-lasting durability ride after ride.

The Life Fitness biomechanics team has studied human movement and machine interaction to develop a bike that stands at the head of any class. Lifecycle GX has the most in demand features and a bold rear flywheel design that spins like no other.

Computer workout feedback includes speed, distance, cadence, calories, time, heart rate and resistance level. It also displays percent of Heart Rate MAX, allowing instructors to create innovative classes using heart rate zones. Optional Polar Compatible chest strap required.

These bikes are belt driven for a smoother, quieter ride with 170-mm Q-factor for an efficient pedaling stroke. No other fitness center in South Jersey boasts this newest, state-of-the-art indoor bike!

*Bike reservations can be made online no more than 24 hours in advance. 
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